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Shaoxing shangyu meisel metal products co., LTD was registered in shaoxing industrial and commercial bureau in January 2007.Business scope includes automatic mechanical parts, aluminum frame assembly parts, etc.The company has its own import and export rights, products rely on the Chinese mainland market, actively expand overseas markets.At present, our products have successfully entered more than 30 countries and regions such as Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, united Arab emirates, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, China and Taiwan.Our company is the direct production factory of domestic aluminum profile accessories. After more than ten years' development and innovation, the established "meser" and "MSR" brands have been well known in domestic and foreign counterparts.The company inherits the advanced industrial concept, continuously develops and designs industrial automation parts, and has more than 2000 kinds of enhanced products so far, which can meet various working manufacturing principles and make all automatic assembly methods possible.And messel can provide all equipment manufacturers and designers with intuitive product parameters and technical support.From simple frame connector to fully automated industrial equipment platform assembly, we can provide detailed accessory support and services.Messel and MSR related parts are involved in everything from basic industrial construction to fully automatic robot precision coordination parts.At the same time, the company has been approved as a "provincial science and technology enterprise" by the end of the 18th century. In the 19th year, the company plans to develop online business comprehensively, relying on high-quality products and a large loyal customer base, and strive to build the company into an advanced science and technology enterprise.

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Application area - extensive coverage of Mercer products

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Application field -- profile of MSR

China's industrial aluminum profile accounts for about 30% of the total application of aluminum profile, mainly used in: transportation industry (including automobile manufacturing, rail transit industry). Equipment and machinery manufacturing. Consumer durables industry (including light industry). Transportation industry, equipment and machinery equipment manufacturing industry and durable consumer goods industry respectively account for about 10%, 10% and 12% of China's aluminum profile app}
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Application field -- types and introduction of aluminum parts

Aluminum parts are suitable for the frame combination structure with large stress and strength, baffle fixing parts, rhomb nut, cover plate, t-bolt, hex special bolt, elastic fastener, castor, handle and movable hook. Anodized surface, flat sealing groove strip, right Angle connecting piece, t-nut, Angle piece, is one of the most widely used aluminum materials, large corner piece, triangle connecting piece, elastic nut block, solid and reliable aluminum parts, movable hinge, u-shaped groove stri}
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Application field -- stairs and equipment platform

On the exhibition shelf, we know that aluminum profiles can be used for many products, such as machine covers, aluminum profiles frames, assembly line workbenches, fish tank racks, grating doors for aluminum profiles, stair stepping platforms and so on. So why is aluminum so popular? That small make up today to explain to you, what are the benefits of using aluminum to do the stair tread?}
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